Installing ASP Classic on IIS 7

If you find yourself needing (because I'm not sure anyone would WANT to do this here in 2007) to work in classic ASP on a dev machine running IIS7, you have to enable/install ASP first since its not part of the package by default.
Go to Control Panel/Programs and Features, then select "Turn Windows Features On or Off".
Once you're into the Windows Features interface, navigate to Internet Information Services/World Wide Web Services/Application Development Features and check off ASP (I noticed that ASP.NET was unchecked in mine as well...which makes sense since most devs probably use the built in web server instead of IIS on their dev boxes...but feel free to enable it here if you want).

SharePoint : What a Good Consultant Should Know!

Everyone who can spell SharePoint
        o What is Sharepoint?
Sharepoint is the portal. It is developed by Microsoft. This is used to create Content Management System web sites. We can develop individual sites, team sites and enterprise portals.
o What is the difference between Sharepoint Portal Server and Windows Sharepoint Services?
Sharepoint Portal Server features are very high. Search portal and navigations are most important features of the Sharepoint Portal Server.
Windows Sharepoint Services are used to create CMS Web sites and blogs, Forums and document sharing Libraries.
o What is a document library?
To share a document that referenced in news, articles published site.
o What is a meeting workspace?
Meeting workspace is used to store information about particular organization employees work related tasks meetings (related information). And also place the minutes of the meeting and each person task details.
o What is a document workspace?
To share a document with others, we create a document workspace site. We can easily share documents and some other files. We can give each and every file permissions.
o What is a web part?
WSS 3.0 has a new infrastructure called Web Part. The WSS Web part classes are derived from ASP.Net Web Part Class. It is supported by Widows Sharepoint Services 3.0. We can also create connectable web parts. The connectable web part is connected to any other related web part. These two connected web parts are has some programs.
Mid-level SharePoint Consultant
o What is the difference between a document library and a form library?
Document Library has documents and content, which gets stored in the Sharepoint content database.
Form Library has an Info path XML forms. When submitting with InfoPath Form Services, the submitted data is generated as XML which refers the original form template .XSN. The XML files are stored in Document Library.
o What is a web part zone? 

Web Parts are displayed by using Web Part Zone. The WebPartZone class derived from WebZone and WebPartZoneBase classes. A Web Part zone is a WebPart container that can be configured to control the organization and format of the Web Parts contained in it.
o How is security managed in SharePoint?
Sharepoint using three types of user authentications. There are Windows, Form and Single Sign On.
Security Socket Layer (SSL) is also used for authentication in Sharepoint. Authorization, Authentication and Impersonation these are configured by config file.
o How are web parts developed?
WebParts developed by using Visual Studio .Net 2005. It offers many Sharepoint templates like Site Definition, Web Part etc. And also using Widows Class Library.
o What is a site definition?
A Site Definition is a group of files that used to define a unique type of Sharepoint Site. Example, one site definition defines the Team Site, Blank Site, and Document Workspace templates, and another site definition defines the Basic Meeting Workspace, Blank Meeting Workspace, Decision Meeting Workspace, Social Meeting Workspace, and Multipage Meeting Workspace templates.
o What is a template?
Templates are built-in solutions for applications, business portals, Design and Look & Feel. Sharepoint has a some pre-build templates. The templates are customizing and deploying in to the server.
o How do you install web parts?

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Multiple instances of iexplore.exe

Copule of days ago i noticed some strange behavior in Window Task Manager. I found number of instances for iexplore.exe. Wait a minute !!! I just have only one IE open then how come number of instance ??? Virus ???

Nah..You heard me right, It is not. So Please Do not install Eset or A-Squard softwares.

First, Right click on iexplorer.exe process in Task Manager and Open File Location. If it is C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe then its the legit MS process. Otherwise go ahead with your Anti Virus softwares. :)

It’s perfectly normal to see two or more iexplore.exe processes in the Task Manager when an Internet Explorer 8 window is open. This is due to a change implemented in Internet Explorer 8 where the frame and tabs are split, each having their own processes. Each tab has its own process so that the rest of the tabs and the browser frame/window are not affected when a single tab process crashes.

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C# Programming and Microsoft Visual Studio Tips and Tricks


C# is a great language. It is relatively easy to learn with its simpler syntax over C++ programming and Java. Ten years down the line it still is a strong competitor. It has had improvement year after year, with new features added with its every release. It has not disappointed the C# developer community.

1. Environment.Newline

Did you know that this property is platform independent and allows you to output the new line characters as per the platform?

Console.WriteLine("My Tips On ,{0}C#", Environment.NewLine);

2. Namespace Alias

Did you know that you can substitute your big namespaces with shorter aliases? Or have you faced a situation where you had to qualify the object with its complete namespace to avoid ambiguity.

Look at the sample below where there is a generic library created with extended .NET Framework controls.

using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
using MyGenericLibrary.UserControls;

/* Assuming that you had a Text Box control in both the namespace, you would have to fully qualify the class object with the complete namespace. To avoid that, you can use namespace alias. Change as below */

Get month name by month number - C#

One of the simplest method to get month name from month number that i have implemented just today :) (after a loooong time)

System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo strDateTimeFormatInfoObj = new System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo();
string strMonthName =

Set Up Document Sets in SharePoint 2010

One of the OOTB method for managing, editing or downloading documents together in a set under a document library.

But of course, they are more than that. See why:
  • Document sets can share the same metadata.
  • Versioning the document set instead of the separated documents.
  • Initiate workflows for the whole document set.
  • Document set level permission management.
  • Download all documents of a document set compressed into a ZIP file.
  • Customizable Welcome Page for all document set.
Sounds good, right?

Subh Aarambh

Do you know how to start a good work?

Watch the video to know the steps, how to start a good job...

Video Source: Faceboook

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AJAX How-to: Scroll to the top of a Page when clicking on only the Pager Controls in DataView


AJAX How-to: Scroll to the top of a Page when clicking on only the Pager Controls in DataView

Today I figured out how to Scroll back to the top of a Page when one of my users click on the Pager Controls at the bottom of a Page. I wanted all of the other AJAX postbacks to not scroll, but I did want the postbacks to scroll to the top when the pager controls were clicked. The pager control's client ID's are not set, so the postbackElement ID is set equal to the DataView, so knowing that information you can use the PageRequestManager to scroll to the top only if the the pager controls are clicked. (This works for both the Top and Bottom Pager controls):

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|| Michchhami Dukkadam ||

The most important festival of Jainism i.e. "Paryushan" is over.

One custom to be followed after the last day of Paryushan (Samvatsari) is that of saying " Michhami Dukkadam ".

On Samvatsari day the ritual of Pratikraman is performed. Since "Samvatsari" is an annual event so is the Samvatsari Pratikraman.

Under Samvatsari Pratikraman there comes the retrospection of all bad deeds and mistakes committed in the past year.

We are critical of the bad deeds and resolve not to let them happen in the future.

We also request forgiveness from all the living beings in the world if we might have knowingly or unknowingly caused harm to them.

Thus, after the Pratikraman it is customary to request forgiveness from everyone we know and meet by saying "Michhami Dukkadam".

The idea behind it being that - "After requesting forgiveness from all living beings in general as part of Pratikraman, I do so one-to-one with you."

We become more specific and personal by doing so. In addition to requesting forgiveness, one has to grant forgiveness too.

Thus by forgiving everyone and requesting forgiveness from all we ligthen ourselves and our mind from past year's misdeeds.

" Michchhami (Mithya) means fruitless / forgiven and Dukkadam (Dushkrit) means bad deeds.

Therefore the meaning of Michchhami Dukkadam is ' MY BAD DEEDS BE FRUITLESS '.

So the idea behind conveying Michchhami Dukkadam is that if I have caused any harm to you then may those bad deeds be forgiven, become fruitless.

MICHHAMI DUKKADAM ! Forgive me for my ignorance! 

" M I C H H A M I  D U K K A D A M  " from Alpesh Shah & Family

Jai Shree Ganesha

I got a good site especially for Lord Ganesha.

The site contains Ganesha Stories, Arti, Names, Meaning of each Name and Photo Gallery of the Hindu God Ganesha.

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Single SignOn (SSO) : Pluggable provider

I was looking for  "How to implement SSO between SharePoint and ASP.NET site".

After spending a little time I found a very useful link for the same:

By default, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides the
Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO) service for storage and mapping of
credentials for use in connecting with third-party or back-end systems.
Many companies already have developed an in-house credential storage
system or use a solution other than the Microsoft Single Sign-On
service. As an alternative to maintaining credential mapping in two
places, Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides a mechanism called
pluggable SSO. This feature allows you to specify an alternate SSO
provider to the standard SSO provider in Office SharePoint Server 2007

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PageViewer WebPart > Connect

A good link I found related to Page Viewer Webpart connection.

Normally the OOB page viewer webpart doesn't support the connection to another webpart.
But as per the implementation listed in below link, you can do the connection for that webpart.


ORDER BY items must appear in the select list if the statement contains a UNION, INTERSECT or EXCEPT operator.

In SQL Server, you may face an error and get the below error message:
Msg 104, Level 16, State 1, Line 4
ORDER BY items must appear in the select list if the statement contains a UNION, INTERSECT or EXCEPT operator.

Below is the solution of your query, make sure you have followed the pattern as below

Select * from
            SELECT   field1, field2 FROM Table1 WHERE  field1 = 'abc'
            SELECT   field1, field2 FROM Table2 WHERE  field2 = 'xyz'
) VarTable
                    order by case when field1 is not null then field1 else field2 end desc

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Thank you Hiral Shah for this post!


Does God Exists?

I watched a good video on YouTube...and would like the same to you all.

Check this out:

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