Set Up Document Sets in SharePoint 2010

One of the OOTB method for managing, editing or downloading documents together in a set under a document library.

But of course, they are more than that. See why:
  • Document sets can share the same metadata.
  • Versioning the document set instead of the separated documents.
  • Initiate workflows for the whole document set.
  • Document set level permission management.
  • Download all documents of a document set compressed into a ZIP file.
  • Customizable Welcome Page for all document set.
Sounds good, right?

Let’s see how can we turn on and use this great feature of SharePoint 2010!
  1. Go to the Manage Site Collection Features page and activate the Document Sets feature.
  2. Go to the Document Library’s setting page and choose Advanced Settings. Turn on the allowing of content management.
  3. Add the Document Set content type to your library.
  4. Enjoy!

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