Installing ASP Classic on IIS 7

If you find yourself needing (because I'm not sure anyone would WANT to do this here in 2007) to work in classic ASP on a dev machine running IIS7, you have to enable/install ASP first since its not part of the package by default.
Go to Control Panel/Programs and Features, then select "Turn Windows Features On or Off".
Once you're into the Windows Features interface, navigate to Internet Information Services/World Wide Web Services/Application Development Features and check off ASP (I noticed that ASP.NET was unchecked in mine as well...which makes sense since most devs probably use the built in web server instead of IIS on their dev boxes...but feel free to enable it here if you want).

Now some people on the net have found this to be the answer to their issues...but for some reason I still can't get the .asp page to load (getting a 500 error message now)...but at least its a step in the right direction.

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