Multiple instances of iexplore.exe

Copule of days ago i noticed some strange behavior in Window Task Manager. I found number of instances for iexplore.exe. Wait a minute !!! I just have only one IE open then how come number of instance ??? Virus ???

Nah..You heard me right, It is not. So Please Do not install Eset or A-Squard softwares.

First, Right click on iexplorer.exe process in Task Manager and Open File Location. If it is C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe then its the legit MS process. Otherwise go ahead with your Anti Virus softwares. :)

It’s perfectly normal to see two or more iexplore.exe processes in the Task Manager when an Internet Explorer 8 window is open. This is due to a change implemented in Internet Explorer 8 where the frame and tabs are split, each having their own processes. Each tab has its own process so that the rest of the tabs and the browser frame/window are not affected when a single tab process crashes.

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