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        o What is Sharepoint?
Sharepoint is the portal. It is developed by Microsoft. This is used to create Content Management System web sites. We can develop individual sites, team sites and enterprise portals.
o What is the difference between Sharepoint Portal Server and Windows Sharepoint Services?
Sharepoint Portal Server features are very high. Search portal and navigations are most important features of the Sharepoint Portal Server.
Windows Sharepoint Services are used to create CMS Web sites and blogs, Forums and document sharing Libraries.
o What is a document library?
To share a document that referenced in news, articles published site.
o What is a meeting workspace?
Meeting workspace is used to store information about particular organization employees work related tasks meetings (related information). And also place the minutes of the meeting and each person task details.
o What is a document workspace?
To share a document with others, we create a document workspace site. We can easily share documents and some other files. We can give each and every file permissions.
o What is a web part?
WSS 3.0 has a new infrastructure called Web Part. The WSS Web part classes are derived from ASP.Net Web Part Class. It is supported by Widows Sharepoint Services 3.0. We can also create connectable web parts. The connectable web part is connected to any other related web part. These two connected web parts are has some programs.
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o What is the difference between a document library and a form library?
Document Library has documents and content, which gets stored in the Sharepoint content database.
Form Library has an Info path XML forms. When submitting with InfoPath Form Services, the submitted data is generated as XML which refers the original form template .XSN. The XML files are stored in Document Library.
o What is a web part zone? 

Web Parts are displayed by using Web Part Zone. The WebPartZone class derived from WebZone and WebPartZoneBase classes. A Web Part zone is a WebPart container that can be configured to control the organization and format of the Web Parts contained in it.
o How is security managed in SharePoint?
Sharepoint using three types of user authentications. There are Windows, Form and Single Sign On.
Security Socket Layer (SSL) is also used for authentication in Sharepoint. Authorization, Authentication and Impersonation these are configured by config file.
o How are web parts developed?
WebParts developed by using Visual Studio .Net 2005. It offers many Sharepoint templates like Site Definition, Web Part etc. And also using Widows Class Library.
o What is a site definition?
A Site Definition is a group of files that used to define a unique type of Sharepoint Site. Example, one site definition defines the Team Site, Blank Site, and Document Workspace templates, and another site definition defines the Basic Meeting Workspace, Blank Meeting Workspace, Decision Meeting Workspace, Social Meeting Workspace, and Multipage Meeting Workspace templates.
o What is a template?
Templates are built-in solutions for applications, business portals, Design and Look & Feel. Sharepoint has a some pre-build templates. The templates are customizing and deploying in to the server.
o How do you install web parts?

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