How to reduce Microsoft Office Access Database size?

I have found a great easy  way to reduce MS Access MDB file size:

MS Access doesn't free up space used by records even after they are deleted. You can free the space manually when you need to or automatically each time you close the application.

To do it manually, use the Compact and Repair utility:

  1. Backup your database, as there is a bug in Access 2007 that may delete your database
    during the compacting procedure.

  2. If you are compacting a multiuser (shared) database that is
    located on a server or shared folder, make sure that no one else has it

  3. On the Tools menu, point to Database Utilities, and then click
    Compact and Repair Database.

To do it automatically when you close the application:
  1. Open the database that you want MS Access to compact

  2. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then choose the General

  3. Select the Compact On Close check box.

After deleting the data and compacting the database don't be surprised if is still larger than 100 KB. There is a certain amount of overhead that cannot be removed after you add data the first time.

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Rename a table in SQL

I ran to a problem today...I wanted to rename a table on the fly and use the new name in my queries.

I have found an useful command to rename a table in Microsoft SQL server.
The syntax and the command is as below:

exec sp_rename 'existing tablename' , 'new table name'

Change Logical Filenames in SQL Server

I got a backup of a database from my co-worker, that i restored as "ABC" database.

It restored okay but when I check the logical named for both Data and Log file were "XYZ" and "XYZ_Log" respectively.

I just Googled for a solution and got a command to rename the logical files.

The command lines as below

    MODIFY FILE (NAME = ExistingLogicalDataFileName, NEWNAME='NewDataFileName')

    MODIFY FILE (NAME = ExistingLogicalLogFileName, NEWNAME=NewLogFileName)

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Linked Servers in SQL Server

I hate this process but sometime we have to deal this kind of Linked Server. I spend my whole morning to resolve issue with Linked Server. While i was resolving issue i found below article which will be helpful to newbie...

Indian Rupee got a new International Symbol...!

Indian Rupee symbol "Rs" will become history in near future because it has got a new International
Now you can write the new symbol  instead of Rs.  in your transactions.
For more details on new “Rupee” symbol below are the reference sites
Download Rupee font for your computer   Click here


Copy and paste the
below link in your browser: 

Click here to view, "How to write new Rupee Symbol in your computer" video

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Dynamic Meta Tags in SharePoint Site

Do you want to add dynamic Meta tags in SharePoint site??

DO you want to have SEO compliance site??

Below is the one of the good site to add dynamic Meta tags to each page in SharePoint site.

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XCOPY : One of the useful command in DOS

I was aware of XCOPY command, but didn't know all the available parameters that I can use with that command.

I found a good link that describes each parameter in detail. Here is an abstract from that site, scroll down to view the original URL for XCOPY command.


Copy files and/or directory trees to another folder. XCOPY is similar to the COPY command except that it has additional switches to specify both the source and destination in detail.

XCOPY is particularly useful when copying files from CDROM to a hard drive, as it will automatically remove the read-only attribute.

XCOPY <em>source</em> [<em>destination</em>] [<em>options</em>]

source : Pathname for the file(s) to be copied.

destination : Pathname for the new file(s).

[options] can be any combination of the following:

<i> Source Options</i>

/A Copy files with the archive attribute set (default=Y)

/M Copy files with the archive attribute set and
turn off the archive attribute, use this option
when making regular Backups (default=Y)

/H Copy hidden and system files and folders (default=N)

Copy files that have changed since mm-dd-yyyy.
If no date is given, the default is to copy
files with a modification date before today.
(at least 1 day before)

/U Copy only files that already exist in destination.

/S Copy folders and subfolders

/E Copy folders and subfolders, including Empty folders.
May be used to modify /T.


(Windows 2000 only) The files can each contain one
or more full or partial pathnames to be excluded.
When any of these match any part of the absolute path
of a SOURCE file, then that file will be excluded.
For example, specifying a string like \obj\ or .obj will exclude
all files underneath the directory obj or all files with the
.obj extension respectively.
Copy Options</i>

/W Prompt you to press a key before starting to copy.
/P Prompt before creating each file.

/Y (Windows 2000 only) Suppress prompt to confirm overwriting a file.
may be preset in the COPYCMD env variable.
/-Y (Windows 2000 only) Prompt to confirm overwriting a file.

/V <a href="">Verify</a> that the new files were written correctly.
/C Continue copying even if an error occurs.

/I If in doubt always assume the destination is a folder
e.g. when the destination does not exist.

/Z Copy files in restartable mode. If the copy is interrupted part
way through, it will restart if possible. (use on slow networks)

/Q Do not display file names while copying.
/F Display full source and destination file names while copying.
/L List only - Display files that would be copied.

<i> Destination Options</i>

/R Overwrite read-only files.

/T Create folder structure, but do not copy files. Do not
include empty folders or subfolders.
/T /E will include empty folders and subfolders.

/K Copy attributes. XCOPY will otherwise reset read-only attributes.

/N If at all possible, use only a short filename (8.3) when creating
a destination file. This may be nececcary when copying between disks
that are formatted differently e.g NTFS and VFAT, or when archiving
data to an ISO9660 CDROM.

/O (Windows 2000 only) copy file Ownership and ACL information.

/X Copy file audit settings (implies /O).

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Installing Sharepoint Server 2010

Good News for Sharepoint Server 2010 straggler... New video released by Miscrosoft on "Installing Sharepoint Server 2010". These is what we all need to follow.

Installing Sharepoint Server 2010

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Why does Windows XP Style change to Windows Classic Style?

Something weired happened to my machine last night, While i was trying to fix Sharepoint Server by mistake i removed some Win XP theme files and result was, i lost my XP theme from machine. So below are some of the TOP 10 FAQ related to Windows. Hope if you come across one of the problem listed in this document, you can easily resolve by following steps.

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Step by Step SharePoint Server 2010 Installation Guide

I was installing Sharepoint Server 2010 and after 5 attemps i was able to install it successfully. Rather spending more time on making mistakes, go through below link, and get a good sleep.

This article provides a step by step Installation and Prerequisites Software requirement for SharePoint server 2010 beta installation

Happy Coding...

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