HRA calculation formula for salaried individual


When you are calculating your Income Tax, below three different formulas are considered.
You are eligible to get the minimum amount from all three, as deduction.

a. The actual rent allowance the employer provides you as part of your salary,
b. the actual rent you pay for your house from which 10% of your basic pay is deducted,
c. 50% of your basic salary when you reside in a metro or 40% if you reside in a non-metro.
The least value of these three values is allowed as tax exemption on your HRA. You can discuss restructuring your pay structure with your employer in order to avail the most of your HRA tax benefit.

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SharePoint: Color Coded Calendars in MOSS

Here is a good sample code
Can a calendar display in colors?
I have been asked a few times if the SharePoint calendar can display
items in color. It turns out this is not too hard to do. The basic steps

  • Add a column to the calendar list to pick the color
  • Add a calculated column to create the HTML to display the color. This can be done with HTML or CSS. This example uses "<FONT COLOR=".
  • Add the new column to the view
  • SharePoint will convert the "<" character into "&lt;" so we need to add a little JavaScript to convert it back. The easiest way to add the JavaScript is with a Content Editor Web Part