Type in Gujarati ( ગુજરાતી ) in any Browser using Google

Now you can type in Gujarati (ગુજરાતી)  in any browser  (only if you have internet ;)  )
by following some simple steps with use of Google:

Copy the below JavaScript code lines

javascript:(t13nb=window.t13nb||function(l){var t=t13nb,d=document,o=d.body,c="createElement",a="appendChild",w="clientWidth",i=d[c]("span"),s=i.style,x=o[a](d[c]("script"));if(o){if(!t.l){t.l=x.id="t13ns";o[a](i).id="t13n";i.innerHTML="Loading Transliteration";s.cssText="z-index:99;font-size:18px;background:#FFF1A8;top:0";s.position=d.all?"absolute":"fixed";s.left=((o[w]-i[w])/2)+"px";x.src="http://t13n.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/blet/rt13n.js?l="+l}}else setTimeout(t,500)})('gu')

Paste the same in your web browser's Address bar and press Enter

Thats it, you can now type anything you want in Gujarati.

Let me know if you need the same for other Indian Languages...!

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