How To: Run SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7


Whilst I was one of the most vocal advocates
for the ability to run SharePoint Server on the client OS, it wasn’t
really something I ever thought I’d want to run myself. I understood why
it was of critical importance to enable this scenario, but I’m a farm
guy, topologies are my bag. When the beta release came about I slapped
it on a old machine just to see it working and left it at that. I also
checked out the quality documentation
over on MSDN which provides the convoluted steps to get it singing.
Such steps are a good thing, you need to really want to install it on
your client – no one can say that it will get installed by accident. :)
So it’s all good and that’s that, I’ll carry on doing my stuff as I was.
Or so I thought.

Like everyone else, I’ve been heads down
trying to get up to speed with all the new SharePoint PowerShell
cmdlets, and revitalising my long lost shell scripting prowess (that’s a
joke by the way, those who worked with me back in 1998 know the
score!). The trouble is when I’m working away on documentation or in
email (or worse, Visio and PowerPoint) or helping folks out on IM, I
don’t want to have to load up a VM just to verify some scripts. Sure I
can use the excellent references,
but I like to test things actually work (no really). Running SharePoint
on Windows 7 is a great way to do this without the burden and delay of
firing up a VM or a bunch ....

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