How To : Backup and Restore in SharePoint 2010

As a SharePoint Administrator, you need to set up a backup plan so that you can restore your SharePoint farm or SharePoint web applications without any hassles if a disaster happens or even to create a replica of your production environment for QA and development purposes.

Backup and restore functionality in SharePoint 2010 have matured tremendously from  previous versions. Now you can backup and restore farms as well as web applications from the Central Administration more easily. You can even take granular backups.

For example, you can take a backup of any specific site collection from the Central Administration. You can exportsite content to the file system and import it into another site.

And yes. now you don't need to setup another temporary farm to just restore some content from the backup, you can simply restore a content database on any SQL Server instance and then use the unattached content database recovery feature from Central Administration to restore the selected content.

This tip discusses the Backup and Restore of a SharePoint farm, web applications and components from the Central Administration as well as from PowerShell and the STSADM command.

Backing-up SharePoint farm from the Central Administration

Go to START -> All Programs -> Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products -> SharePoint 2010
Central Administration.

On the left side, click on the Central Administration link and in right side, in the detail pane, you will see Backup and Restore options as shown below.

You can also directly click on the Backup and Restore link in the left side to go to Backup and Restore page as shown next.

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