How to reduce Microsoft Office Access Database size?

I have found a great easy  way to reduce MS Access MDB file size:

MS Access doesn't free up space used by records even after they are deleted. You can free the space manually when you need to or automatically each time you close the application.

To do it manually, use the Compact and Repair utility:

  1. Backup your database, as there is a bug in Access 2007 that may delete your database
    during the compacting procedure.

  2. If you are compacting a multiuser (shared) database that is
    located on a server or shared folder, make sure that no one else has it

  3. On the Tools menu, point to Database Utilities, and then click
    Compact and Repair Database.

To do it automatically when you close the application:
  1. Open the database that you want MS Access to compact

  2. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then choose the General

  3. Select the Compact On Close check box.

After deleting the data and compacting the database don't be surprised if is still larger than 100 KB. There is a certain amount of overhead that cannot be removed after you add data the first time.

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